Are you moving soon and thinking about where you can find free moving boxes and supplies? Buying new moving boxes is not affordable. From hiring a removalists company to renting a storage facility, the moving process already includes a slew of essential but dreadful costs. Paying one’s hard-earned money for a plain cardboard box, however, is the most inconvenient of all the moving charges. You’ll be recycling those boxes once the move is over.

There are many ways of saving money from spending on moving boxes. You can choose from free supplies at various nearby stores, online marketplaces, and community groups. The complete house can be moved in free boxes apart from a few special-size boxes required for TVs and mirrors.

Below are the 9 best places and tips to get free moving boxes and supplies:

  • Craigslist: It is a great place to find free moving boxes and supplies. You can either search through the listings for the boxes you require, or you can post about specific sized boxes that you require and hope for a response. To know whether the boxes are of good quality and sufficient for the move, check the images in the posts. Sometimes, you might get the boxes that have been used just one time and are in a fresh condition.
  • Ask your friends and family: People have done a lot of online shopping this year especially. There are numerous benefits including the required items getting delivered to the doors of people and if you are looking to move then: your friends and family may have boxes that might fulfil your moving needs. So, contact them, look on social media or inquire because you may find boxes in your immediate circle only. You should also ask them if they have any items that can be used as packing materials. This includes newspapers, shredded paper, packing peanuts, and other materials which can make your packing handy. Don’t hesitate in asking friends and family because if they will be aware of your move, they would likely save the items required.
  • Go to warehouses: Usually, many warehouses keep stock of boxes for their customers. They are aware that many customers are coming to buy a large number of goods all at once. Even if you bring your own, some items simply do not fit in standard-sized shopping bags. Speak with a clerk or manager to find out if you can take as many boxes as you want or if there are more in the back. If you require larger boxes or cardboard to protect your furniture, check with the store manager to see if these items are available. Often, they will gladly pass them on to you! Just stick to the rules and don’t take more than the store allows, because some warehouses tend to keep those boxes for the use of buyers.
  • Check out liquor stores: Liquor stores are a very popular place for people looking for the boxes required for moving. You can find medium and large size boxes easily at liquor stores and accommodate your breakables and other bigger goods. These boxes are sturdier, allowing you to keep your books or contents of kitchen cabinets. Just remember that boxes at liquor stores sell quickly, especially during the highest moving seasons. To get boxes, check dates and times when they get deliveries so that you can go beforehand and snag the boxes before someone else does.
  • Inquire with your moving company: Moving companies usually provide or permit you to utilize their boxes. You can ask them for moving boxes and supplies they have available. Some movers companies provide the boxes on rent, some will rent you plastic bins, some will allow you to utilize wardrobes without any charges, and also offer you another moving supply at a reasonable price even than what you can get in stores or online. Just inquire.
  • Locations for U Haul: This has the most affordable unused moving boxes and supplies. If you go to their Amazon store, anything can be purchased U haul has to offer while also taking advantage of Amazon’s free shipping. Various U haul places provide moving boxes and supplies as well. Despite the fact that you will be purchasing fresh materials, the regular box prices are comparable to those found at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Other moving supplies, such as packing tape, bags for the mattress, and paper for storing are also reasonably priced.
  • Bookstores: These stores, like grocery stores, also see a high volume of delivery traffic. Big size boxes come consistently which the stores then break down and dispose of. Go to such stores and ask them if they have any boxes.  If not in stock, they will also tell you when another shipment will arrive and when you can take those boxes. Just remember that delivery and pickup times for boxes may differ. Employees will require time to empty the boxes to stack the stock on shelves. Once done, they will keep aside the boxes for you.
  • Check recycling drop off locations: Have you ever visited a recycling centre? It’s like winning the moving box lottery. Most cities have several recycling bins that take compressed uneven boxes. Generally, these boxes are in a better condition to be reused, you will find several moving boxes required for the move.
  • Facebook marketplace: This is the best place to find free moving boxes and supplies. Generally, people want to get free from the supplies once they move and can give them without any charges. It functions in the same way that mobile selling apps do. People post items they want to sell or give away, so you might get someone selling boxes. If not, post your requirement that you want moving boxes and your friends can help you out.

Are you planning to move? Contact your local removalists company to make your move easier, even if you’re just starting to plan or in the midst of a last-minute struggle for boxes and supplies.

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