We will discuss the various types of window screens on the market today. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field and we are the most affordable, reliable handyman dubai. We will discuss the pros and cons for each type, and which is most suitable for what type of window. Let’s begin!

Mesh Screens

Standard mesh screens are the first type of screen for windows. The most common screen is made from a metal or plastic woven mesh. The mesh is stretched over a wooden or metal frame. The mesh is designed for keeping out insects and small pests, while still allowing air to flow.

A mesh screen has the main advantages of being affordable and simple to install. The mesh screens are available in many sizes, so they can be fitted to any window. The mesh screens are more likely to be damaged or torn and need replacing more frequently than other screens.

You may want to take into consideration the price when you are looking at the various mesh screens on the market. Others may find them to be a bit expensive, while some find them very affordable. Compare the prices of several screens that interest you so you can decide which one is right for you.

Solid Screen

Solid window screens are the second type. The solid screens are made from a single material such as plastic, wood, metal or metal. The screens are attached to the frame of the window with screws or nails. Solid window screens can keep pests and insects out of your house.

You can also choose from a variety of different window screens. Other materials are used to make some screens. Some screens offer varying degrees of privacy. You can select the screen type that best suits your needs and tastes.

Solid screens offer a few benefits over mesh screens. They are stronger and less likely be damaged. Since they are opaque, you can’t see through them. Solid screens are expensive and difficult to install.

Compare the series of retractable screens that are available when comparing different models. Some screens have a simple design while others are a little more complex. You might want to select the screen with the type of design you prefer.

Retractable Screens

They are perfect for those who prefer to have the option of letting in fresh air, without the bugs. When not in use, they can be easily retracted and take up no extra space. These are perfect for those with pets or children who want to enjoy the outdoors or let in fresh air without their presence getting in the way.

Most people prefer to be able to look out without having to worry about insects. You will understand its value if you have been in a restaurant that has a screen. You can talk to the other person without feeling like you are in their way, and see the outside without having to worry about bugs.

You may want to choose a larger size if you have a large patio or deck. Retractable screens that are larger can reach up to seven feet in width. It will allow you to enjoy your backyard and keep insects at bay. You can also open and close your door more easily.

Best Possible Retractable Screens

You should always consider the ease of installation when choosing the best retractable screens. You may need to do some research to find one that is easy to install. You may want to choose a model that comes with a push-button if you have a small patio or deck.

You can also consider the various sizes and shapes that are available on the market. Some are rectangular, square or oval. There are also circular, oval or rectangle shaped ones. Some of them are in the form of a triangular shape, which makes them ideal for placement under a stairway.

Fixed Screens

They are ideal for those who want to keep out bugs. These screens are more permanent than retractable ones, and therefore they can’t be taken down or put up as easily.

Consider the various materials available. Some screens are made from aluminum while others are glass. Consider the material you are interested in to get the best deal.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are fixed screens that protect your home against bad weather. Storm windows are usually made from heavy materials such as steel or aluminum, and can be installed over existing windows.

Storm screens shield your windows against strong winds and flying debris. They are made from heavy materials like metal or plywood.

Storm screens are very durable and strong. Storm screens can be customized to fit any size window. Storm screens are generally more expensive and difficult to install than other screens.

Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are another type of window screen. Privacy screens are constructed of materials which block the majority of light while allowing a limited amount of air through. Privacy screens are used in bathrooms and bedrooms, especially when privacy is a concern. You may consider privacy screens if you have small children. They will prevent them from seeing into your home.

Bed Bug Screens

Bed bug screens can be used to prevent bed bugs from entering through windows. These screens are usually made from a mesh coated with a substance that is toxic to bedbugs. The screens are placed over the opening of the window and secured with adhesive. The screens are effective in keeping bed bugs away from your home and can be kept up for as long as desired.

Fly Screens

Fly screens are a type of window screen that is designed to prevent flies entering your home. These screens are usually made from a mesh coated with a substance that is toxic to flies. The screens are placed over the opening of the window and secured with adhesive. The screens will keep flies away from your home and you can leave them in place as long as desired.

Security Screen

The security screen is another type of window screen. The strongest screen is made of steel. The security screen was designed to keep out people who might want to harm your home or property.

Decorative Screen

The decorative screen is a common window screen. These screens can be made of various materials such as fabric, wood, or bamboo. The decorative screens add elegance to any space while providing ventilation.

It is important to take into account the size of the window, the type and climate where you live when choosing a window screening. You should choose a window screen that suits your tastes.


You have now learned the three most common types of window screens. Here are the most common window screens. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. You can now decide what type of flooring is best for your home.

You should always choose the screen that is right for your window. If there are any gaps at the edge, bugs can get in.

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