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Humans have used herbal supplements for centuries for different purposes, such as treating some illnesses or maintaining an individual’s health. More prevalent in the Asian cultures, many used herbs and spices such as ginkgo to enhance memory or echinacea for protection against cold. 

However, it is worth mentioning that most herbal supplements or remedies have not undergone any effective scientific scrutiny, and neither are they regulated very often. But that does not mean that all herb supplements are not effective because if this were the case, these supplements would not have been used by our ancestors for so long.  

But First, What Are Herbal Supplements? 

Herbal supplements are products either extracted by using the plant itself or other components of the plants such as berries, oils, flowers, seeds, and even roots. Humans have used such supplements for a long time as they have excellent healing properties. However, such supplements are barely regulated by any concerned authority, and there has not been much scientific scrutiny on such supplements.     

Herbal supplements are available in many different forms, and one can use them either internally or externally based on the recommendation of the experts. Some of the common forms in which one can find herbal supplements include teas, ointments, liquid extracts, oils, bath salts, capsules and even tablets. Some of the most commonly used plants for producing herbal supplements include chamomile, ginkgo, aloe vera, flaxseed, soy, echinacea and more.

Some Of The Most Important To Consider Buying Or Consuming Herbal Supplements    

As mentioned earlier, herbal supplements do not undergo much scrutiny, and neither are they regulated like conventional supplements. Therefore, it is the job of us consumers to make informed choices to avoid any sorts of side effects or any other kind of adverse effects. Therefore, here are some things that we must consider or enquire about before consuming any herbal supplements.

Testing Of The Product In A Reliable Lab: 

Just as we check if a conventional supplement has undergone the necessary tests and scrutiny before ending up in customers’ hands, the same goes for herbal supplements as well. This is important because there have been many instances where certain vitamin supplements store have attempted to dupe their customers by selling herbal products that were never tested in any reliable lab.

Such things can be hazardous as the customers might not be aware of any potential side effects of the supplement leading to a further complication on consuming the herbal supplements. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we only consume any herbal supplement after verifying if they have undergone necessary lab testing, preferably from an independent lab.

Defining The Reasons Behind Consuming The Supplement: 

The next thing that we need to do is ask ourselves if we really need to consume the said supplement. If yes, then it is recommended that we have clearly defined reasons to justify our herbal supplement consumption. In any case, it is always best to consult a physician or dietician who is familiar with our medical history. 

This is important because medical professionals are equipped with the skills and competence to determine if consuming the said supplement is good or bad for our bodies. We also need to inquire about the appropriate dosage to ensure that we take the right amount.

Check Out If There Is Any Health Warning Triggered By The Supplement: 

Before consuming any type of supplement and not just, we must carry out extensive research on the product to verify if the product has triggered any sort of health warnings. One easy way to do this is by looking up the details of the product on reliable websites such as the website of FDA

This way, we can unearth any safety advisories that might be issued against the product for whatever reasons. This is important because the supplement industry, both herbal and otherwise, releases novel supplements very frequently, making it challenging to keep track of the safety guidelines for any specific supplement. However, just a couple of minutes of online research might save someone’s life for all we know.

Find Out User Reviews Of The Product: 

Easy access to the internet has provided all of us with an excellent platform to review products and inform others about the product. Most supplements available in the market make many promises, making it our responsibility to check out if those promises are genuine or mere blatant claims made by the manufacturer. 

Many websites are available on the internet that can provide us with reliable and genuine information about the product’s effectiveness. Additionally, if the herbal supplement is available on any eCommerce platform, it is inevitable that at least a few people who have used this product have posted their reviews. Therefore, we need to check out those reviews and see if the supplement offers the health perks as promised.

Exaggerated Claims: 

Supplement businesses will always give their best shot when trying to sell their products, even at the cost of making highly exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of their products. However, any herbal supplement that promises just too good to be true is probably trying to dupe us. There have been many instances where companies manufacturing herbal supplements have made many fraudulent claims to sell their products, and people consuming such products had to deal with the dire consequences. 

Many herbal supplement manufacturers will offer money-back guarantees to entice the customers. However, getting that money out of them is no easy task for anyone. Therefore, always opt for herbal supplements that ensure natural results instead of making exaggerated claims to avoid the adverse consequences.

Concluding Thoughts

People have used herbal supplements for years, and in most cases, they were effective. Many people living in remote areas of the planet without access to modern medicine still rely on their experts to treat different health conditions with herbal medicines or supplements. But big manufacturers of herbal supplements might not be as honest as the experts living in remote areas. Therefore, the best we can do is take precautions to avail of the best herbal supplements. 

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