Branded Search Traffic Share: Do You Dominate Branded SERPs?

When someone searches for your brand, you want your content to show at the top of the search engine result pages. Nowadays, the results that are obtained from a branded search look a lot more significant as digital marketers have started making efforts.

Organic results are now achievable on search pages as they include local results, video results, image results, news results, and more.

What is Branded Search?

Branded search refers to traffic that arrives at a website through keyword search on search engine results pages (SERPs). The traffic of a website is calculated over some time, which can take months or quarters. The branded search results are quite important as they are directly related to the website’s brand.

There can be many reasons for brand searching. Various competitors, potential investors, or candidates who are looking for new career opportunities might do branded searches. The spelling of your brand’s name can also affect the gaining of traffic.

Importance of Branded Search

If consumers are looking for a digital marketing tool, they might be searching for a “marketing tool” or “SEO tool”. They have to go into deep research for the perfect brand for their work. Similarly, if they do the specific research by the brands’s name it includes the names like “MOZ SEO tool” and “Semrush keyword”. They simply choose one from the search results without any deep research.

Have you ever thought about which of the two stages above the consumer is more likely to convert?

The consumers will convert when they do a specific brand’s name search. Therefore, branded search terms are important for your brand.

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Confusion Between Branded Search in the SERPs

Another thing that can happen, when people are searching for a brand, is encountering the same name as another brand’s name. Most of the brands have quite similar names.

In this digital marketing era, people should think twice while making a company with the same name as another brand or object. Branded search confusion takes place when a company’s audience doesn’t fully understand the brand’s name.

Marketers have to focus on brand awareness to prevent brand misuse in the digital market. Giving knowledge to your customers about the presence of the same brand name will encourage adoption and accuracy.

To ensure proper usage of our brand name in the market, we should establish guidelines for our voice and tone as well as editorial standards that all employees should follow. As marketers, we can track the effectiveness of our strategies by monitoring the Search Terms report in the console. Over time, our branded searches should become more precise. Still, we must concentrate on what we can manage in the meantime.

This includes optimizing all elements of our branded search results.

Optimizing All Parts of the SERPs

Optimizing all parts of search engine pages needs a lot of resources.

When it comes to search engine results, marketers typically aim for their website to appear at the top of the organic results when someone searches for their brand name. However, not all brands are eligible for other sections of search results such as local results or news results.

For example, online-only eCommerce companies that rely on drop shipping can’t claim Google My Business local results since they don’t have a physical address. Similarly, news results are only accessible to brands that are mentioned in news publications.

To optimize for all sections of search results, different techniques are required. Marketers need to be careful and are not to spread their resources too thin.

  • Organic Search Results: Many brands aim to improve their website’s visibility in search engines using onsite and offsite SEO techniques. Their goal is to achieve a high organic ranking, preferably on the top of the search results. One common strategy is to include the brand name first in the homepage title tag and targeted keywords.
  • Organic Local Results: Optimizing the Google My Business (GMB) account allows local businesses to secure a prime spot on the right side of search results.
  • Organic Video Results: Brands having YouTube channels can increase the visibility of their videos in search engine results pages and related queries by optimizing them for branded searches. This can be achieved by including the brand name in the video title and description and creating a compelling story that encourages viewers to make a purchase. Videos that perform well will also appear in the video results tab for the brand’s name.


Make a strategy to increase your online presence and focus on the areas where you need the most improvement. Claiming complete ownership of all aspects of a branded search is now more challenging than ever, and achieving any organic search result takes time.

Marketers become more expert at dominating the fundamental elements of a branded search page, it is important to stay aware of all the prospects.

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