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Images and infographics occupy a more important space on social networks than texts. People are used to responding better to visual elements, and different studies have shown that more people interact with infographics and images than with normal posts.

Social media users are much more likely to click share or like when it comes to visual content as if they were following design tips for social media; Well, you must be clear about what images and structures you want on your website or network profile, so you can harmonize the design on several accounts and an image will be created for the public.

How can you take advantage of graphics to make your company stand out in the digital world? A simple step is to create a social media strategy that includes interesting and engaging graphics to post on each of your platforms.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to give you some design tips for your social networks that you can start applying now.

Optimize your images

Each platform requires high contrast images of different sizes and you must have yours ready so that they look good on each one.

To facilitate this task, in Simplified you can find design templates with the appropriate sizes for each social network. And for your designs, it’s easy to create an original template with custom sizes.


Include your logo in your profile image

Using your logo as your profile image is a good rule of thumb. Don’t be afraid to get creative and design a variation of your logo, as long as your audience can immediately recognize your brand.


Profile image and cover photo must complement each other

Your cover photo and profile image should complement each other, whether through the same use of colors, graphics style, effects, or text.

Following these design tips for social networks, you can apply a filter to the cover photo image, this will help achieve harmony and balance.


Use a consistent style of images

Choose images that are consistent and coherent with your brand. Consider the following:

  • What do your followers like?
  • What is the product or service you are trying to sell?

These questions are a good guide or social media design tips, to discover the personality and characteristics of your brand and find images that suit it. When sharing content from others, also choose graphics that align with your brand to avoid inconsistencies.


Also, be consistent with your branding

Consistency is a key ingredient for brand recognition and success. Consistency in your branding can be achieved by using the same fonts, colors, or images in your social media designs.


Make sure all your graphics link to your website

Every graphic you post on your social media should have a link to your website. Google algorithms like content better when it is linked to a website. This helps your page rank better.


Make images easy to share

Make it easy to share and publish images from your website, including buttons with icons for different social networks.

When users share your images, they will reach new users, increasing your brand visibility and recognition. The people who see your shared images are potential new users, followers, fans, and clients.

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