Embark on an expedition across the russet dunes of Dubai through an exhilarating desert safari adventure!


Crafted from the riches yielded by its oil-rich homeland, Dubai exudes opulence. The youthful emirate overflows with towering skyscrapers, marvels of architecture, and hubs of amusement and retail therapy. 


Yet, surpassing the ostentation and allure, lies the ancient desert and the traditional Arabian way of existence. This facet of the emirate offers daring escapades, fascination, and an opportunity to truly fathom the essence of Dubai.


Numerous explorers have imprinted their legacy on the Arabian desert, and now, the privilege awaits you. Discern below the reasons why you ought to partake in this escapade and encounter a realm beyond compare!

Explore Desert Safari Dubai For All Newcomers in UAE

The desert safari Dubai tour stands as an unparalleled spectacle, unlike any visual encounter you’ve previously embraced. 


Similar to an untouched canvas, Dubai’s desert panorama provides an impeccable outlet for your artistic ingenuity. 


Numerous devotees of photography seize the opportunity presented by its resplendent sunsets and undulating sand formations, crafting remarkable images that rival the aesthetics of computer screensavers. 


The sensation might even evoke a perception of voyaging to an alien realm when the intense sun interacts with the sand, casting forth a crimson hue reminiscent of the surface of Mars. 


As darkness descends, the sand metamorphoses into an even more captivating entity, with the firmament parting its clouds to reveal a celestial expanse brimming with stars.

Desert Pro Tip: Ensure your tripod 

It accompanies you, facilitating a stable platform for capturing the ethereal grandeur of Dubai’s night sky. The possibility exists that you might even be fortunate enough to witness the fleeting trajectory of a shooting star!


Embark on the journey of tailoring your escapade. The expansive desert stands as your playground, offering a plethora of activities that are certain to etch an indelible memory. 


Climb into a robust 4×4 vehicle and immerse yourself in dune bashing—an exhilarating equilibrium challenge where cars navigate the undulating terrain of steep dunes. 


Following this, engage in sandboarding, a venture that assesses your stability as you glide down towering slopes of sand. 


The prospect of a tumble or somersault presents an opportunity for crafting a delightfully amusing vacation video. For those seeking extra experiences, options encompass quad biking, horseback riding, and camel riding.

Dune Bashing: 

Should the tumultuous allure of dune bashing resonate with you, the allure of quad biking is bound to captivate. Seize the reins of a four-wheeled bike and streak across the dune expanse akin to a seasoned racer. 


On the other hand, horseback riding and camel riding offer a more leisurely pursuit, guided by an expert who ensures the animals’ comportment for your safety as you traverse the tour’s terrain. 


Whichever avenue you opt for, rest assured that captivating snapshots, captured by the adept guides, will serve as cherished mementos of your sojourn.

Bedouin Culture: 

With the descent of night, you shall be guided to a Bedouin encampment for a feast of sustenance and amusement. Here unfolds the tapestry of Arabian culture, steeped in antiquity and opulence, harkening back to eras long past—vivid, vibrant, and ensnaring. 


Gaze in awe as belly dancers grace the platform, their supple hips swaying akin to serpents. 


While adept young women whirl their skirts in a mesmerizing portrayal of the Tanoura folk dance. 


Witness the local inhabitants, masters of fire-breathing, as they demonstrate their dominion over this elemental prowess.


Within this realm, the opportunity awaits to adorn yourself with the art and tradition of henna. This reddish-brown pigment, known for its temporary nature, is utilized to craft intricate designs on the skin. 


Delve into an array of motifs or collaborate with the artisan to birth a unique creation, savoring the resultant masterpiece for several days until it gracefully fades into memory.

Indulge in regal feasting through an unbounded BBQ dinner extravaganza

A symphony of spices and succulent meats takes center stage in Arabian gastronomy, a grand opulence awaiting your discovery at the fascinating tour’s sumptuous dinner buffet. 


An array of open-fire grills adorn the campsite, diligently preparing an array of barbecued meat delicacies to satiate your gastronomic desires. 


Platters adorned with freshly sliced fruits stand ready, their juicy chunks beckoning for your nibbling indulgence while a cultural spectacle graces the scene. 


This cornucopia of Arabian epicurean wonders serves as the quintessential culmination after a day brimming with sun-kissed adventures and merriment.


Conclude your satiating dinner affair with a sip of traditional Arabian coffee alongside delectable confections, or opt for a leisurely shisha session to ease the contentment of your well-fed belly.

A fleeting opportunity to witness extraordinary wildlife in its rarest form

Immerse yourself in the presence of the United Arab Emirates’ emblematic avian symbol, the falcon, as you embark on your desert safari expedition! Falconry, the venerable practice of training falcons, stands as a time-honored pursuit within UAE culture. 


This ancient artistry, regarded as a pinnacle of Emirati heritage, was rightfully acknowledged by UNESCO in 2016 as an intangible treasure of humanity’s cultural legacy. 


While initially harnessed for hunting pursuits in antiquity, falcons have since transitioned into participants in sporting engagements and cultural exhibitions. 


Accompanying the falconers to fascinating tours, these regal creatures grace the scene for captivating snapshots and exhibitions, rendering your selfie with these majestic birds a not-to-be-missed highlight!


Beyond this, a panorama of indigenous fauna dots the sand expanse. Stay vigilant for the elegant Arabian oryx, sprightly meerkats emerging from secluded enclaves, wise owls, and an assortment of avian congregations. 


As a sanctuary for conservation, the sand mandates a cautious stance regarding proximity to its inhabitants—striving to maintain a respectful distance from the captivating wildlife.


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