Who is Tim Burton’s former wife, Lena Gieseke?

Lena Gieseke is a German artist known for her intricate decorations, painting skills, and intellectual pursuits. She is widely recognized as the only partner of Tim Burton, an American filmmaker, artist, writer, and musician. Lena hails from Bremen and developed a keen interest in art at a young age. Reportedly, she attended The German School of Athens before joining the California Institute of Arts (CalArts) to pursue a degree in Fine Arts and Photography.


Lena Gieseke is a photographer who became famous quickly because of her connection with the American Movie Director Tim Burton. She is widely known for her strong interest in arts and her unique, creative ways of creating special effects in various movies, TV shows, and photos. Additionally, Lena’s skill as a 3D artist in 1½ Knights is acknowledged all around the world. There are other intriguing facts about this attractive lady; keep following along as we share more with you.

Lena Gieseke’s Life Story

Lena Gieseke, a native of Germany, is an artist and filmmaker who was once wed to the renowned director Tim Burton. Despite her marriage’s dissolution, Lena managed to establish herself in the realms of art and cinema.


  • 1965: Lena Gieseke is born in Germany.
  • 1992: Lena crosses paths with Tim Burton while serving as a storyboard artist for his movie “Batman Returns.”
  • 1997: Lena and Tim enter matrimony.
  • 1999: The couple becomes parents to a son named Billy Raymond Burton.
  • 2001: Lena and Tim go their separate ways and eventually legally part.
  • 2008: Lena unveils her brief film “The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger,” which garners praise from critics and numerous festival honors.
  • 2014: Lena serves as the visual effects producer for “300: Rise of an Empire.”
  • 2018: Lena’s most recent endeavor, the interactive virtual reality creation “Rainbow Crow,” is met with glowing reviews upon its launch.

Early Life

Despite the scarcity of readily available insights about this remarkably adept woman, it’s common knowledge that she joyfully celebrates her birthday every September 12. The numerous image uploads on this annual occasion consistently portray a life brimming with immense delight. Hailing from Germany, she made her debut in the world in the year 1965.


Gieseke entered the realm of existence on the 12th day of September in 1965, situated in Bremen, a city nestled along the banks of the Weser River in the northwestern reaches of Germany. During her formative years, an intense passion for the world of artistry began to take root within her. Allegedly, her parents enrolled her at the German School of Athens, a decision designed to nurture and explore her refined artistic sensibilities.


Regarding the specifics of her educational background, the imaginative woman immersed herself as a scholar at the California Institute of Arts. During her time there, Lena Gieseke immersed herself in the realms of Fine Arts and Photography. Following her collegiate journey, she ventured to Wimbledon College before redirecting her studies toward Goldsmith College in London.

Professional Path

Lena’s professional journey began to take form upon her relocation to the United States of America, albeit her foray into employment commenced post-graduation. Thus, Lena embarked on a journey of contributing to numerous films and television projects as a visual artisan. Her expertise led to the creation of several extraordinary visual effects, imbuing each image with a heightened sense of realism that transcends the superficial.


Her initial formally acknowledged engagement emerged in connection with the production “1½ Knights.” Meanwhile, Lena was delving into her pursuits as a photographer, having already honed her skills during her academic tenure, yielding impressive visuals and sculptures.


She took on roles as a muse for various television series, encompassing the remarkable 2009 science fiction epic “2012” and many more. Within cinematic works such as “Westflug – Kidnapping Out of Love,” “Otto’s Eleven,” “Hotel Lux,” “Immortals,” “Die Jahrhundertlawine,” “Vicky,” and “the Treasure of the Gods,” she contributed her presence. Furthermore, she played a role in “When Santa Fell to Earth.”


She wielded her gifted touch, conjuring splendidly unique visual enchantments within the cinematic creations. Subsequently, in the productions “Berlin 36” and “Vicky the Viking,” Lena Gieseke graced the screen as a 3D artisan, adding her creative flair to the films.

Relationship Status

Lena’s initial encounter with Tim Burton occurred after she completedrief program at CalArts. Invited to capture images for Burton’s 1989 superhero opus, “Batman,” their paths converged and an undeniable connection blossomed swiftly.


Their romantic journey commenced before ultimately culminating in marriage on the 24th of February, 1989. Regrettably, the path ahead held a different fate for the pair, leading them to a mutual decision to part ways and embark on separate trajectories in 1991.


According to reports, Gieseke chose to end things with Burton when she found he was engaging in extramarital relations with an ex-stripper, Lisa Marie. The two had no youngsters and continued from their short heartfelt spell. Starting today, Lena focuses on her career and avoids any media bits of gossip and discussions.

Net Worth and Social Media

Though not as widely recognized as her former spouse, Lena achieved a degree of fame in Hollywood. Her journey began in Germany, and before long, her reputation extended across the Atlantic.


Since her relocation to the United States, she has contributed to an extensive array of films and television shows. Taking her entire body of work into account, Lena’s net worth stands at $2 million. In contrast, her ex-partner Tim possesses a net worth of $140 million.


In the realm of social media, Lena maintains a passive presence. She abstains from Instagram and Facebook, and although she was once active on Twitter, she no longer engages.


Preferring a low-profile existence, she avoids unwarranted public attention. Nonetheless, glimpses of her participation in various endeavors, birthday celebrations, and recognition events can be found. For further details about her, Wikipedia offers a comprehensive source of information. 


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