Mobile event apps are trending because they are feature-loaded and can simplify the process of event management. Event apps can be available for every event type and can benefit, but in-person event apps are the most demanding. Using these apps can streamline the experience for both attendees and organizers. Its features like customization, engagement, cost-effectiveness, and much more can be of great benefit. For attendee check-in, apps can help make the process faster, which can be convenient for the attendee.

In this blog, we will discuss what are the in-person event app trends and things that should be considered while choosing.

Interesting Trends of In-Person Event Apps

Mobile event apps are the go-to solution for organizers because they are convenient, effective, and more engaging. With the help of an in-person event app, you can make the whole experience more streamlined for both the host and the attendee. Some of the most interesting trends in these apps are discussed below.


Event organizers have made a huge development in making the streaming experience more streamlined. With the help of an in-person event app, they can make their physical event into a hybrid event. And it can make their reach wider and attendees can enjoy the event at their own convenience. There are multiple streaming services available, but with the help of a mobile event app, the audience can get high-quality videos.

Contactless Check-Ins

In-person event apps can provide a more smooth and better experience of check-in. For a physical event, the audience had to wait in long queues, and it took a lot of time to enter as the tickets were being checked manually. Now, to maintain and streamline the attendee check-in, apps can have a QR code-based ticket that can be checked with a machine. This has made the process easier and contactless, they can just show the code in the machine and the gate will open.

Digital Floor Plans and Navigation

The venue of an event can be either huge or small based on the event size. In order to help the attendee, an event app for in-person events can have a digital floor plan or a navigation system. Through this, they can navigate their way around the venue whether they want to find the stage, ticket counter, stalls, photo booths, or any other location. The audience can have a breakout room in the app to see speaker profiles or sponsor logos, where they can tap and have their booth location.

Interactive Features

In-person event apps can have more interactive features that can benefit the audience experience. Features like gamification, Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes, and much more can be added as per the organizer’s requirement. This can help in better interaction with the attendees, and sponsors can also track them to have better insights.

Advance Management

Mobile event apps are great for management and event allows the organizers to manage multiple events from a single platform. With the help of an app, they can have all the data and better insights into the event. Attendees can also benefit from this, with customized scheduling they can create their own schedule. And these apps even work without connectivity, so they are good for managing all the data. For event attendee management, apps can help in keeping track of every piece of information.

Features to Consider for an In-Person Event App

To make the best event app for your in-person events, you will need the best features that can make the experience for both audience and organizers great. Here are the most interesting considerations that you can look into.

Push Notifications

It is one of the most important and advantageous features to consider in an app. With this, you can send out instant important updates regarding your event. With push notifications, you can engage your audience more by giving them constant reminders.


This can be an important feature to look for in an in-person event app, with this you will be able to create or customize things according to your preferences. With your own branding and logos, you can customize the app. And you can even create a custom registration system that can help the attendees to register from a single platform.

Advance Tracking

The mobile event app should be able to track everything that your attendee is doing, this can help in maintaining the data. They are even great for event attendance tracking, the app can benefit in keeping the data safe in one place.

Help Desk

With the help of a virtual help desk, your attendees can have the solution to all their problems. This feature can make an in-person event app great to use, and you can even integrate a chatbot that can solve their basic problems. If you can provide 24/7 customer support, attendees will be able to access them at any time. If they need help regarding registration or in case of payment failure, they can rely on you.

Secure Transactions

To build trust among your audience, give them a safe and secure payment gateway. Use encryption so that there is no loss of money and the attendees can rely on your app. This is a must-have feature to consider in your mobile event apps.


In the event industry, you have to keep up with the trends because your audience and clients need a better experience. Having a mobile event app can provide multiple advantages for your event. It can make the experience better and streamline the process for attendees. There are multiple types of in-person events, like music concerts, fest, auto expos, and much more. You can get an app for every event purpose, like an in-person conference app, a virtual event app, a webinar app, or any other type of event. Integrate the event app trends to host your next event and make it a success. To choose the best mobile event app for in-person events, consider the above-given recommendations. All these features can help to attract attendees and with the use of the app, you can have a better insight into the event.

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