Why We Adore the Signet Ring Craze

The signet ring is a timeless accessory that fits in any collection of contemporary jewellery. It also has a rich global history. This extremely adaptable piece of jewellery may be worn in many different ways and also have a lot of symbolic value. This article will discuss what a signet ring looks like, its historical cultural importance, and how to wear one nowadays.

A signet ring is what?

A signet ring is a ring with a flat top surface instead of a gem where a gem would normally be. This flat surface frequently has an engraving or pattern and is typically round, oval, square, or rectangular in form. Ornate crests, monograms, or even extremely basic forms are all acceptable engravings. On occasion, they also have enamel or diamonds as decorations. They may have graced the red carpet on superstars like Cate Blanchett or the royal fingers of Megan Markle.

The Meaning and History of Signet Rings

Since the time of ancient Mesopotamia, signet rings have existed. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt wore signet rings with particular hieroglyphics to represent their identification and position of authority. Ancient Greek and Roman nobles also wore these distinctively carved rings. In the Middle Ages, signet rings gained popularity among a variety of powerful individuals.

Signet rings were once used for purposes beyond from making fashion statements. Politicians and royalty inked their signatures in wax or clay on key legal papers and used their signet rings to seal envelopes with personalised stamps. Each signet ring was individually etched so that it could be used as a signature and would be challenging to imitate. The remaining family would customarily burn a signet ring when its owner passed away to prevent any forgeries or fraud.

Signet rings adorned with family crests were eventually handed down through the generations as heirlooms as they lost their practical role and were more concerned with genealogy. They were occasionally worn as wedding bands in marriage rituals to symbolise the continuance and union of family histories, serving as emblems of social position and money rather than as an official signature.

Recently, signet rings have become more popular. Due to their ageless appearance, they are fashionable for individuals of both genders and come in a variety of designs. They are available in unique forms, vibrant enamel, or bejewelled with precious stones.

Style Tips for Signet Rings

A signet ring is a wonderful addition to your jewellery sets collection; it can dress up your streetwear attire of jeans and trainers or accessorise an expensive evening gown. You may select a signet ring that suits your style, whether it be dainty, bold, modern, classic, dazzling, or vintage, thanks to the wide variety available. The following are three methods to wear a signet ring:

Build up your signet

The trend of stacking rings is a lot of fun since it allows you to wear all of your favourite rings at once. Including a signet ring in a stack of rings can bring some variation and spice to your appearance due to its unique form.

Apply it on your pinky.

Pinky rings, especially signet rings, are at once delicate and striking. The pinky ring style is sassy, especially when worn in combination with rings spread out over your fingers. We highly propose a thin engraved signet if you’ve been searching for the ideal ring to wear on your pinky.

Make it the focal point.

Make your signet rings the centre of attention whenever possible. For a dramatic impression, wear it front and centre on your ring or middle finger without any other rings. You’ll have a regal appearance and aura. (Only avoid placing it in any molten wax. That sounds chaotic.

If you’re fortunate enough to possess a family signet ring, make sure to look after it well so you may continue to wear it for many years. Your ring can require a good cleaning, especially if it has seen multiple members of your family over the years. To learn more about your signet ring and its past, get it adjusted to fit your finger, the enamel restored, or have it appraised. We’re here to assist you!

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