Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated all over the world. Hindus believe that on this day, the energy of the sun god, Vishnu, is released in the form of light. Diwali is a time for families and friends to get together, exchange gifts, and worship deities.

What is Diwali?

Diwali is a festival celebrated by the Sikhs as well as other Indian communities. It marks the triumph of good over evil and is one of the most important festivals in Sikhism. Diwali is also one of the most popular festivals in India and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.
What are the main rituals associated with Diwali?
The main rituals associated with Diwali are lighting lamps, giving gifts to loved ones, attending religious ceremonies and enjoying special foods and drinks.

The Meaning of Diwali

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a major Hindu celebration that takes place each autumn month. The holiday celebrates the return of the sun after a long winter and is celebrated by lighting fireworks and burning candles in remembrance of those who have passed away. The festival also celebrates the arrival of new life and the triumph of good over evil. Worshippers typically wear colorful clothes and visit temples to offer prayers and light lamps in honor of the gods.

The Worship of Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most important festivals in Sikhism. It marks the triumph of good over evil and celebrates the return of Lord Vishnu to earth after a long hiatus. Diwali is also a time for family and community gatherings, feasting and merrymaking. Here are some facts about Diwali and its worship in Sikhism.

1) Diwali is celebrated on the night of October 8th-9th each year in India and Nepal. In Sikhism, it is also known as Gurpurab (literally meaning “the consecration of a gurudwara”).

2) The main purpose of Diwali celebrations in Sikhism is to offer prayers to God Almighty in honour of His incarnation – Lord Vishnu. Worshippers light bonfires called ardas (or hogals) and perform religious ceremonies such as puja (worship). They also exchange gifts and sweets called laddus.

3) The festival marks the end of the dark half of the Hindu calendar (Krishna Paksha) and the beginning of the new lunar year ( chautha ). It is also believed to be a

How to Celebrate Diwali Safely

Diwali is a festival celebrated by the Sikhs worldwide. It is also one of the most important festivals in the Sikh religion. Here are some things you need to know about Diwali and how to celebrate it safely:

1. Diwali is an annual festival that commemorates the return of Lord Sri Ram after a long exile and his victory over the demon king Ravana. The festival is celebrated by lighting oil lamps and offering prayers to Lord Sri Ram.

2. The main religious observance of Diwali is the baking and consumption of sweets such as laddoos, kheer, pith balls, and gulab jamun. These are usually offered to family members, friends, and godparents as tokens of gratitude.

3. Special prayers are also offered to mark important moments in the Hindu mythology of Ramayana, such as the abduction of Sita by Ravana, Ram’s fight with Ravana at Lanka, and Rama’s coronation as king after defeating Ravana.

4. Another important aspect of Diwali is the wearing of festive costumes called trousseaux. Families gather together to make these costumes,


Diwali is an important Hindu festival celebrated all over the world. However, it is especially beloved by Sikhs, who consider it to be one of their most sacred festivals. If you’re curious about what Diwali is all about and want to learn more about the Sikh celebrations of this holiday, read on for some tips.

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